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Peach Blossoms, with its diverse network of outlets, has firmly established itself as a beacon of excellence in the world of Chinese cuisine. From its flagship location in Singapore to suburban gems and international expansions, Peach Blossoms consistently delivers a fusion of tradition and innovation to its discerning patrons. Each outlet carries the brand’s legacy of culinary mastery and unwavering commitment to providing an unforgettable dining experience, making Peach Blossoms a celebrated name in the realm of fine dining.


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Alyssa TayAlyssa Tay
13:26 05 Apr 24
Only dishes worth ordering are: cigar, beef hor fun, fried marble goby and caramelised pork belly. The signature dessert at $48 was absolutely atrocious and a waste of money. The rest of our dishes were also lacklustre. Service was pretty good though
Jensen TanJensen Tan
13:26 05 Apr 24
Simply exquisite. The experience was both entertaining and the food simply dances with my palate. Thank you for the experience
14:40 04 Apr 24
We had dim sum brunch on a sat, and it seemed to me that they were a little understaffed. All else was great. We left the restaurant feeling happy.We ordered almost everything on the dim sum menu. Some of the items had a unique twist, such as the egg tart and cheong fun. The rest were great but not outstanding.In summary, food was flavorful, made with fresh and good ingredients, and it's definitely value for money given that this is a fine chinese food restaurant in a 5-star hotel downtown.We look forward to checking out their chef's menu on the next occasion. I hope the restaurant will maintain their standard.
Princess FlossPrincess Floss
11:11 02 Apr 24
The suckling pig and fish maw soup were the bomb, excellent food quality and sadly we have a lack of service staff here and had to wait for a long time despite the restaurant not being full.
Long JunzhouLong Junzhou
13:51 29 Mar 24
xue wei pangxue wei pang
07:42 24 Mar 24
Lunch menu was amazing, especially the lobster hokkien mee and smoked char siew bao!Thanks Vivian, Kent and Lee Lee for helping in resolving all the hiccups & their wonderful, attentive service! loving our dining experience here! Will definitely be back soon
Adrian LeongAdrian Leong
05:35 21 Mar 24
Carlo Maria FoscaleCarlo Maria Foscale
16:06 06 Mar 24
Game played at very high levels. Ducks cooked in two different ways, one Peking style and the other in hoisin sauce, side dishes, fried rice, noodles, to be divided into 5, all perfect, excellent quality of food. They made a bit of confusion in the order but due to the language barrier. Fantastic. If you like Chinese cuisine and are in the area, go…. Remember, though: also bring with you the money you left in the hotel safe 😂
01:29 25 Feb 24
The abalone set for 10 was packed with high quality items. It was cooked really nicely too. Everyone loved it. I wished the peanuts in the yu sheng was given separately as my friend was allergic to peanuts. We ordered these combo for last day of cny. However, the collection point was a little unclear. It was supposed to be at the lobby level 1 but they put level 5 in the collection forms.I dined there today on 26 Feb. The service could be much better. They should have offered types of chilli, credit card discount options, and parking coupon.
Sally YonSally Yon
15:59 14 Feb 24
Had a fine dining experience at Peach Blossoms. The Char siew roasted pork and cigar were excellent! Service was impressive and Vincent who served us took great care to explain and advise what to order as it was our first time. Overall it was a place we will remember.
James CannonJames Cannon
09:30 10 Feb 24
Carol TayCarol Tay
11:44 09 Feb 24
Unreliable delivery services. Incompetent operations team who can’t deliver order in time and keep making excuses. Very disappointing experience.
David LowDavid Low
06:08 09 Feb 24
Every dining experience at Peach Blossoms is an unique experience. Thanks to Chef Edward’s innovative creation! His passion for culinary skills helps to elevate the quality of food and dining experience in Peach Blossoms.
14:24 08 Feb 24
This might just be my top favourite Chinese restaurant in Singapore of all time. I have been here at least five times in the past three years, and always leave with my tastebuds happy. Service is good, ambience pleasant. I have never come across a dish that I did not like.Here are my favourites:- Stir-fried Wagyu Beef Cubes in Lemongrass Sauce,served with Crispy Sliced Garlic and Oyster Mushroom- Stir-fried Kurobuta Pork Collar w/ Celtuce Stem & Lotus Root in XO Chilli Sauce- Stewed Beancurd with Scallop, Crab Meat and Crab Roe (this is pure comfort food)- Stir-fried Assorted Mushrooms with White Truffle Oil
Shannon RalliShannon Ralli
22:50 07 Feb 24
Easily the best Chinese restaurant in Singapore! Favourites are Deep-fried Cigar Rolls filled with Black Truffle, Foie Gras and Prawn! Pls pick the fruit yusheng that’s only available during CNY!! Roy our server was eager and attentive! He also advised the best angles for food photos!! Highly recommended
Wesley WongWesley Wong
15:49 26 Jan 24
The upscale Chinese restaurant within ParkRoyal Hotel offers an exquisite dining experience. During a company dinner featuring the set menu, the culinary journey impressed with exceptional dishes, ranging from delectable soups to delightful Chinese desserts.
See feiSee fei
14:51 22 Jan 24
Good and thoughtful services from the waiter,
Ong Jin ChengOng Jin Cheng
02:19 17 Jan 24
Great customer Experience: The waiter will explain individual name when presenting the dishes.
Nine o’clockNine o’clock
15:38 15 Jan 24
Came here with huge expectations however were slightly disappointed with the overall food flavours due to the repetition of smoke flavours. If you are someone who likes smoke cuisine this is a definite choice. We chose the most recommended set which was approximately 250 per pax. Definitely agreed it was food and quality cook with the upmost standard. Probably will come here for ala carte choices in the future.
Winnie ChangWinnie Chang
03:59 14 Jan 24
Warm service from start till end! Ejen was observant to his patrons’ needs, and was quick to refill beverage for us. Presentation of the food was on point, all of the smoked dishes were cleverly and tastefully executed. The fish was my favourite dish, flesh was firm and the scales were crispy even with mixed with the fusion sauce.I cannot wait to return to try the other lunch menu.
Kong Hung NgKong Hung Ng
11:25 11 Jan 24
02:54 07 Jan 24
Good service staff.Food presentation could be better. Serving speed was on the slower side, prob due to a packed Saturday lunch.Leaving feeling underwhelmed due to 1) somewhat normal dishes for their price point & 2) $10 charge for each serving of their ‘shrimp base chilli’ (which is complimentary as part of the normal condiments offered in many other Chinese restaurants). Chili lovers, pls note.
J. TanJ. Tan
15:41 04 Jan 24
15:50 02 Jan 24
We had our simple tea ceremony dinner at the restaurant, with the private function room of 2 tables. The food was amazing, the presentation of the food is definitely very instagrammable. The choice of food is very special and all the guests were saying how not typical these “wedding dinner” dishes are, and they enjoyed them.Special thanks to our help today Desmond. He was so accommodating, and helpful with the whole event. We definitely enjoyed this special night and thankful for all the help we have received tonight.
00:31 01 Jan 24
Peach Blossoms offered a stunning setting and an equally impressive $200+ menu.The variety of fresh seafood was dazzling, each piece cooked to perfection.What truly left an impression was the smoked honey pork - the intense smoke together with the sweetness of the honey that lasted in the mouth.The final plate was a Melon desert. It stole the show, it was a visual master piece. The sweetness of the fruit was a perfect counterpoint to the richness of the previous courses, cleansing the palate and leaving you feeling light and refreshed. It was the ideal ending to a truly unforgettable dining experience.
Kok Way NyeKok Way Nye
07:28 30 Dec 23
All the food taste, presentation is excellent. Very supprise at all the dishes, and Chef Edward are humble. Thank you so much!!!
Xiao CrysXiao Crys
03:45 29 Dec 23
Highly recommended restaurant to dine with your family and friends. Indulging in the culinary delights at Peach Blossoms was truly a sensory feast. The dishes have an exquisite symphony of flavors. The presentation was a work of art that made every dish looks mouthwatering. Especially impressed by the Deep Fried Cigar Roll because it was fun to take photos with. The grand finale was truly awe-inspiring, as the dessert stole the spotlight and left everyone impressed. It was not too sweet for elderly, very freshly made and well plated.Additionally, the attentive service elevated the experience, with welcoming staff ever ready to assist with any request. Their genuine hospitality added a warm touch, enhancing the overall dining pleasure.
Mark TanMark Tan
13:14 27 Dec 23
Solid la.Just come try.
06:34 24 Dec 23
Dim sums and service were awesomeTheir dim sums were very value for money and much better than most dim sum restaurants. Their mains were pretty good as well.Must try- smoked Kurobuta pork bun (their pork + sauce combi makes it very unique and fragrant)- lava purple sweet potato (use purple sweet potato for the shell and yellow sweet potato for the lava, shell is crispy and lava is quite smooth texture. Although could have more lava)- steam rice roll with jicama (smooth outer layer with crispy inner layer) this is better than the prawn version- cigar roll (similar to crispy popiah skin with crab meat, prawn, foie gras at different sections)- smoked applewood Iberico pork belly (applewood fragrant and melt in the mouth pork belly without feeling surfeited from the fats)- bung bean noodle with crab claw (looks like thicker version of konjac noodles. Crab meat were chunky and fall off from the shell easily and pairs well with the vinegar popping boba on top)
Agnes SAgnes S
09:49 21 Dec 23
Joey KhoaJoey Khoa
07:34 17 Dec 23
Love this restaurant! Every dishes make us wow! Delicious and highly recommended
Lewis LiewLewis Liew
18:40 14 Dec 23
Wow wow wow.The standard and quality of food here is exquisitely delightful.Chef Edward’s creation is so unique and must try. Bringing Chinese fine dining to the next level.Hope you enjoy the pictures as well as me tasting the foodMust try:Applewood smoked jamon iberico pork bellyCrab craw and stewed mung bean noodlesCigar roll filled with truffle, foie gras & prawn
Choon TChoon T
02:23 14 Dec 23
The food was great and the service was a delight! First time eating a 'cigar' and the taste was amazing! 😆
16:52 05 Dec 23
Some say the food creations here are superfluous, I find them perfectly exceptional. Most importantly, they are scrumptious, unforgettable, and out of the Chinese F&B scene, at least uncommon in Singapore.A repast here is not inexpensive, but pleases every palate in and out.While stars have blindly left out this place, I found them in every nook and cranny at each visit.
Jun ErJun Er
09:42 05 Dec 23
Exquisite fine dining Chinese cuisine, although wouldn’t think a cigar is a great presentation for the seafood mush in crispy wrap dish. Most dishes are opulent and rich. Private dining rooms are also available.
Glenn NgGlenn Ng
15:15 03 Dec 23
We started with the cigar with snow crab, prawn mousse foie gras and black truffle. Just wow. The sweetness and tenderness of the crab contrasted against the fried exterior, with the hint of foie gras and truffle adding that right balance of decadence and umami.Next was the chillde drunken abalone with jellyfish head and aged vinegar. Stunning dish and the small balls/gels of aged vinegar proved crucial in tying the dish together. The jellyfish head was crunchy and served to mix up the texture of the dish. The abalone was tender and perfectly cooked.The caramelised applewood smoked jamon iberico pork belly was next, and our expectations were raised with the appetiser. This did not disappoint with the sweet 'crackling' balancing the tender pork. This is served with a lit charcoal to provide the additional bit of smokiness to the dish.We had our soups next: Collagen spring chicken soup with pitaya flower, dried scallop and bamboo pith; 'Shun De' thick broth with dried scallop and homemade prawn mousse; Hot and sour seafood soup. I think restaurants have been moving away from the 'thicker' collagen soups (shark bone, fish/chicken collagen etc.) and toward a lighter, less heavy version. This was the case here, but the depth of soup and quality of the ingredients used was fantastic. The 'Shun De' soup was "fishhead soup"-esque, and once again the depth of the soup was on full display here. The hot and sour soup is a favorite of my dad's, and he heartily declared this version as the best he's had. The seafood was an excellent touch, and the soup was not 'starchy' like in other places.We tried the stir-fried red grouper slices with garlic, ginger scallions and Sarawak white pepper claypot dish. This was served alongside the stewed beancurd with seared scallops, crab roe and balsamic vinegar. The fish was fresh and delicately cooked to ensure the texture was perfect. The scallions, white peper and garlic were all in perfect proportions and the claypot method had reduced the sauce to a thick, rich accompaniment to the fish. The beancurd was a standout for everyone. What an amazing harmony of flavours and we felt it would have been perfect with hor fun, but it was an astounding dish by itself. The scallops perfect seared, beancurd was soft and again the vinegar gels bring that extra bit of tartness to cut through the umami.The last savory dish was the braised rice vermicelli with assorted seafood in crab meat egg white sauce. A great ending, we felt it might have been a bit similar to the stewed beancurd in texture and taste, but just phenomenal ingredients used and the cooking was just right; bringing out the natural flavors and textures just as intended.We tried the Peach Blossoms Sweet Delight dessert, which was served in a 'mystery box'. The chilled piggy red bean jelly was perhaps somewhat underwhelming, but the deep-fired 'lava' sweet purple potato was spectacular. The jasmine osmanthus cake was 'entremet'-esque, and the mini choclate cigar roll (a callback to the appetiser!) I would describe as 'kinder bueno' in texture and taste. We also had the chrysanthemum jelly served with lychee oolong ice cream and nashi pear. That was a light but complex dessert, each component dancing and combining with each other in a beautiful concerto of flavours. Last was an off-the-menu almond cream with peach resin. This was less well received, and I would think sticking to their on-the-menu desserts is good enough. One comment is that their desserts are all cold; perhaps the menu can be developed to provide some hot options, especially for the older folks.For drinks we had the white chrysanthemum pu er tea. Incredible aroma, smooth mouthfeel with minimal or no tannin. The restaurant kept the tea on a low fire and ensured the tea was always sufficiently steeped. No 'lighter' tea toward the end of your meal here, which was a most welcome experience.Everyone was absolutely staggered that the restaurant made zero missteps, and every single dish was just a revelation that made everyone wide-eyed with wonder and disbelief.
Cat YipCat Yip
11:16 03 Dec 23
Nice food & good service but is pricey
Margaret SeetMargaret Seet
12:10 01 Dec 23
Happy with food, ambient, service.
Blessed OneBlessed One
00:21 30 Nov 23
Super impressed with Chef Edward’s super culinary skills. He is soooooo innovative and talented. My family and I had a wonderful off menu dinner specially curated by him. The hairy crabs came as a surprise as we didn’t know what he was going to prepare for us except for the “cigar” dish which was highly recommended. Awesome !!!!!!
Calvin CCalvin C
15:12 26 Nov 23
Ricardo SeahRicardo Seah
06:43 26 Nov 23
Peach Blossoms truly impressed me with its modern Asian cuisine. The dishes were not only delicious but also beautifully presented. The attentive service added to the overall positive experience. The clean and well-laid-out atmosphere, especially in the private room, created a delightful dining environment. A must-visit for those seeking a perfect blend of taste, presentation, and ambiance. I just wish there was a dedicated server in the room at all times to assist with topping up the tea and offering water automatically.
Jeff NGJeff NG
10:26 22 Nov 23
Very high level cooking techniques, flavors are strong and tasty.
Raycher LimRaycher Lim
15:31 21 Nov 23
Great food and nice ambience
Ashley KwongAshley Kwong
14:12 13 Nov 23
Dannie BDannie B
01:33 13 Nov 23
The dim sum and Chinese dishes are pretty good. Some of the dishes are unique (can’t get it elsewhere) so worth it to come here for the food. However, the restaurant felt very understaffed. Food came fast but when we needed to get help from the waiters, it took quite a while.
Ryan LeongRyan Leong
14:49 11 Nov 23
Jaye YapJaye Yap
11:00 08 Nov 23
Great service and impressively plated and flavoured food! Got the set menu and loved the crispy fish skin - soup tasted like the crab accompaniment. Dessert (not pictured) was melon balls with Hokkaido milk, very refreshing after a filling sequence of dishes.
Jane TanJane Tan
15:42 05 Nov 23
My experience at Peach Blossoms was elevated to an exceptional level, thanks to the extraordinary service provided by Desmond, whose attention to detail was simply impeccable. As my 22 guests and I settled in, Desmond's professionalism shone through as he orchestrated the service with both efficiency and grace.The cuisine, known for its divine flavors, was complemented by Desmond's ability to anticipate our needs, serving each course with perfect timing. What truly set Desmond apart was his thoughtful gesture of providing shawls to the ladies in our party who were feeling the chill, a testament to his observant and caring nature.Furthermore, Desmond facilitated the seamless arrangement of a private room, ensuring comfort and intimacy for our large group. This level of attentiveness and commitment to guest satisfaction is a rarity and speaks volumes of the culture at Peach Blossoms.In a city brimming with dining choices, it is the human touch that makes a place memorable. Desmond, with his exemplary service, has not just met, but exceeded the hospitality standards that one would expect from a restaurant of such repute. We left with our palates satisfied and our hearts warmed by the kindness shown to us. I look forward to returning to Peach Blossoms and experiencing the pinnacle of dining excellence, all thanks to staff like Desmond.
eddie lieweddie liew
14:13 05 Nov 23
The most creative dish of the night goes to the signature cigar roll. Overall, interesting blend of flavors though some can taste 'heavy'. Food is good, service is prompt and professional
Royal PearsRoyal Pears
14:19 30 Oct 23
Steamed rice roll filled with prawns ($12.80) - Good.Black garlic taro puff stuffed with abalone and minced kurobuta pork ($26.80 for 3 pieces) - This was the best dish. Good size, tender abalone on top of wu kok which had nice aroma and flavourful filling.Xiao long bao ($9 for 3 pieces) - Good.Har gao ($9 for 3 pieces) - Good.Siew mai ($9 for 3 pieces) - Good.Steamed dim sum artistry ($22.80 per person) - The seafood scallop dumpling was good but the seafood lobster dumpling and crystal crab roe, crab meat and egg white dumpling were just ok.Pan-fried trio shrimps radish cake ($10.80 for 3 pieces) - Ok.Baked egg tarts served with sweet corn ($9.80 for 3 pieces) - Could have been better.The service could have been better.
Katsu DrakoKatsu Drako
06:16 28 Oct 23
liem buntaranliem buntaran
09:02 27 Oct 23
It's really extraordinary both in terms of TASTE and very creative PRESENTATION - the chef needs to get 4 THUMBS UP
Elaina PohElaina Poh
08:38 27 Oct 23
We have a private room with TV, and the servers are attentive (but it would be great if they can have their chit chat volume down, specially we are having business conversation in the private room). However, one of the seat aircon dripped water, window not proper close kinda noisy. Besides that, the food is well presented to us. Love the lobster noodle.It would be nicer if they swapped the amberalla sorbet to 1st dish. Because it is kinda weird, halfway thru the warm meal suddenly serve cold dish.The room is pretty (except the window and aircon issue), clean, new, and face MBS. It happened that night we saw drone show! Lucky us.
V E WongV E Wong
05:47 25 Oct 23
If you are in town and want good Chinese food, please eat here !
13:16 24 Oct 23
Good service good ambience good foodThe abalone chicken soup is very good. Must tryChar siew also quite nice if u like fatty meatThe toufu w veggies, mango prawn, peking duck was okMango sago was also okNice view too. Recommend to try2nd visitMust try the caramelised pork belly (char siew) and new favourite toufu with crab meat sauce. The sauce is very niceFind the pork collar in ginger sauce and vermicelli in crab sauce so so only3rd visitOrdered the signature cigar but i find it so so only. It’s like a seafood stick with strong taste on crab meat but lesser on the truffle n foie gras. It’s not bad but I don’t find it wowInterestingly they have a bigger variety of teas. Try a special kind of 雪菊 and it’s really good.I really like the attention to detail service and teas are promptly refill. Good for hosting.As usual the service is good
Marc-Elie RobertMarc-Elie Robert
12:31 23 Oct 23
Very creative Chinese cuisine, worth a visit
Patricia LimPatricia Lim
05:47 17 Oct 23
Ben YC TanBen YC Tan
13:58 15 Oct 23
Great modern Chinese food, priced slightly on the higher end but what one gets are thoughtful dishes served beautifully. The truffle “cigar” is a standout. Only small gripe was the obvious understaffing - however, every single staff member we interacted with was extremely obliging and professional.
Howard UHoward U
15:11 14 Oct 23
Had our anniversary dinner here at Peach Blossoms. I must say this is my most favourite Chinese restaurant. The food here is simply amazing. The chef paid a lot of attention to the taste and presentation. The Smoked Applewood Char Siew, best one I had so far. It’s sweet, crispy skin, not too fat, Smokey and umami.
Kris KKris K
23:35 12 Oct 23
The service is very good, the environment is quiet, and the food is delicious
14:42 12 Oct 23
13:33 09 Oct 23
The environment is good, but the service quality is poor because:1. The dining table is uneven and the table top will shake up and down when dining;2. The Chinese-speaking waiter knows that our native language is Chinese, but still uses English when talking about the dishes;3. We ordered champagne, but the glasses we were given were different from those used by other guests who also ordered champagne;The above experience does not seem to be like dining in a Chinese restaurant in a five-star hotel. Not only is it not considerate, but the service is not good enough. After contacting the manager, I did not get any response. I only said "I'm sorry", but it can't make up for the unpleasantness of the meal!
YT LeeYT Lee
05:23 09 Oct 23
Delicious food with great eating environment. Very friendly and professional service!Superb dining experience!
Yenny AdellYenny Adell
04:33 08 Oct 23
The dim sum was deliciously made! Never tasted the cha siew bao so nice before! Smoked cha siew bun.. thumbs up ! Ching cheong fan was special not the usual type made! Sweet potato lava bun is omg ! Everyone come here must order Tis!
Alan WuAlan Wu
15:16 06 Oct 23
Ben LinBen Lin
14:05 02 Oct 23
This is a Chinese restaurant in Parkroyal collection hotel. Dishes are so exquisite that you can easily see the skills of the chief.The cigar meat looks really like a cigar but actually it's a deep fried "spring roll", should definitely try.
Tan Long HweeTan Long Hwee
03:49 26 Sep 23
Li YeeLi Yee
03:28 25 Sep 23
Had the loveliest experience at Peach Blossoms. Ordered the Lifestyle Set Menu and it was extremely worth it. Every dish was full of flavours and tasted heavenly with superb presentation. The highlight goes to the Applewood Smoked Jamón Ibérico Pork Char Siew. It was the most tender and juiciest char siew that I have ever had!To top it all, Roy took care of us meticulously and was very accommodating, especially since we had a baby and a toddler with us. Definitely one of the best restaurants in Singapore with impeccable food and service. Highly recommended!
Aldrich LeongAldrich Leong
17:01 24 Sep 23
The presentation of the dishes was impeccable, and the flavors were simply delightful.The smoky char siew, in particular, was a highlight of the meal. Its perfect balance of smokiness and tenderness made it an unforgettable dish that I would highly recommend to anyone visiting this establishment.What truly elevated my visit was the exceptional service provided by Desmond. His attentiveness and professionalism went above and beyond to ensure our dining experience was exceptional. I highly recommend this restaurant for a fantastic culinary experience!
Jilline ChangJilline Chang
14:52 18 Sep 23
Elegant environment, a perfect blend of food and taste, exquisite!
Eunice TanEunice Tan
06:22 25 Jul 23
Excellent food with great presentation and creativity at dinner. Every dish was so tasty and exquisite. Great service too. Expensive but worth every bite. Their "CIGAR" dish is a must try. Their suckling pig is really good too.
Sally LowSally Low
05:15 18 Jun 23
The prices are on the high side but food is easily one of the best that we have had. I have eaten here multiple times - once for cny eve dinner and other times for dim sum. The food never disappoints. The use of ingredients is creative, the taste is good and the presentation is very nice. Service staff is very friendly and helpful as well! This has become one of my favourite restaurants!
03:07 19 May 23
I recently visited this restaurant and had a wonderful experience. The food was exceptional, with each dish bursting with flavor. Although the prices were a bit higher than average, I believe the quality and taste of the food made it worth every penny. My friend and I opted for the set menu, and it was a fantastic choice. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and had a great time together. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone seeking delicious Chinese cuisine.